Who Are We

International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI) was founded in 2013 as the first-ever weekly twitter conversation about climate change in Sub-saharan Africa with the vision to build a climate-smart generation across Africa using the power of social media to inform, connect and empower young people to take action and hold government actionable to addressing climate change. It has since grown into a well-recognized, expertly staffed organization. We are young professionals who have spent extensive time in the fields of climate change and sustainable development and have dedicated our work to create, facilitate, and manage youth-oriented projects.

International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI) focuses on several thematic areas, including Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security, Biodiversity Conservation, Youth Leadership and Development, and Renewable Energy.

We also provide consultancy on environmental and social impact assessments. Through our work, we hope to create awareness about Climate Mitigation and Adaptation, Food Security, and Sustainable Development.

We are determined to tackle issues that are especially hard-hitting in Africa and are passionate about creating awareness and opportunities for other young Africans to join us in this movement.

Our Mission

To build a climate-smart generation and a sustainable effort in Africa by identifying local realities, engage relevant stakeholders, proffer sustainable solutions and present them on the global stage for actionable steps towards mitigating effects of climate change.

Our Vision

To create a climate-smart generation across Africa.

Our Values

Our values guide us in our everyday decisions.The three core International Climate Change Development Initiative (ICCDI)'s values.

Acting Sustainably:

We act in a way that is sustainable for our organization and society. Our decisions take into account the needs of future generations.

Striving for Excellence:

We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do. Through creativity and innovation, we seek to continuously improve.

Demonstrating Integrity:

We are consistent and transparent in our decisions and actions. We fulfill our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our vision.


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